here’s to 2018

I hope your holidays were lovely, and your new year is starting well.

I am beginning 2018 with a month of flailing. Or experimentation. That is likely a nicer term for it, because my list has a lot of techniques I want to try and materials I own but haven’t used yet, and these are definitely a series of creative experiments. However, it feels more like flailing because honestly I have no clear direction or plan for the month except crossing things off my list.

My list looks like this: flail list

You’ll notice there are question marks, in case I set off on a tangent not already indicated. There is a mixture of techniques and materials to experiment with, with some cross-over. Also I need to bring some order to my space, so there are a couple clearing and tidying tasks in there as well.

One technique I have checked off is Joomchi, a Korean technique for felting paper. My first efforts looked like this:

The end result is the most raggedy! It is clearly a process that requires skills I have not yet developed – I’ll try a couple more (four at a minimum) and then put it down if I don’t like it.

I’ve also been tinkering with tiny art works in tiny boxes, and how I might add tiny lights to them. I have strings of fairy lights, tiny rice lights and a spare half dozen battery operated tea lights that I have been cannibalizing for parts. I also ordered tiny doll house lights from True2Scale because they have tiny switches as well as tiny LED lights. They have a lovely catalog of truly tiny things as well – I’m not affiliated with them, I just like thinking about tiny things.

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