February – longest shortest month


I wrote a guest post on Clever Manka about my plans for February. In it, I talk about some of the ways I encourage myself, and others, to make things. There is the Low Bar (it benefits everyone), the Solid Constraints (they encourage creativity without overload), and the Two Big Rules (revisit successes and failures).

I’m planning on painting a small painting in acrylics, in a valiant attempt to learn more about the technical aspects of painting. I’m using this book because it has a series of things I can check off, and I don’t have to think about what to paint or how to paint it. Instead, I get to practice mixing and applying and moving paint on canvas.

So if you feel like participating, post your work on Instagram with the hashtag #dailyFeb2018 – you can tag me too – and see what other people are working on. As I said at Clever Manka, if you get a solid week of daily work done, I’ll send you a congratulatory postcard! If you get the whole month done, every day, there will be PRIZES!!

In other news, I finished two more adorable coptic stitched notebooks; one is folded index cards, the other is (I thought this was brilliant) unused paper fromĀ  an old sketchbook, living a new life.