January roundup

What I did during my winter flail:

Things I did not do that were on the list:

  1. make things with holes in them (other than the Joomchi)(oh, and the melted felt)
  2. wonderflex (felt that stiffens when heat is applied in a more controlled fashion)
  3. fish
  4. tiny bottles with lights, but I’m thinking about it

Things I did that were not on the list:

  1. researched and started building a Kickstarter campaign for the Tarot of the North Atlantic
  2. figured some clever things I can do in Adobe Photo Elements
  3. did I mention Kickstarter? I worked a lot on Kickstarter…
  4. got myself and others excited for #dailyFeb2018 (woo!!)

Things I abandoned because they were not serving me:

  1. two out of three of the new productivity tools
  2. the strange sketch book I was trying to use

I call that a January well used. Next month is painting daily and getting the Tarot onto Kickstarter so you patient people can order it (if you so choose).