changes in attitude


The last time I did a daily project, I posted the results to the blog daily as well. This time around, I feel content posting daily to Instagram and Facebook, and letting pictures pile up until I can say something more coherent about them. Making the pictures public is important, but talking about them is much less so.

What I can see about this grouping is that I seem to be seeing mountains in them, and bringing that to the fore. I also like edges and triangles within my triangles. I have not tried to depict anything in particular in them – that may come soon. I will finish out January noodling with more abstract themes, and change directions at the end of the month.

I realized that I was not prepared to travel and make triangles when Red Kate and I went to visit my mother in the far Down East of Maine over the weekend. I tossed together a kit, but it took me a day and a migraine to figure out how to make the things I was thinking about. While I was visiting I got fond of hand work and hand stitching, so the most recent set are all hand stitched, even after returning home. The character of the stitched line is so different when done by hand and by machine. Also I think I need to learn how to use a thimble because the tip of my finger is sore!

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