four days and an open corner

top left; Jan 8, Jan 7,
bottom left; Jan 6, Jan 5


Most of Saturday Al helped me sort and package his robot parts and job related things from the time when he was holding down seven 1/4 time jobs (the end of the tech boom was hard for a while!), and at the end of the day I took his enormous ugly desk apart and we loaded it into my car in the beginnings of the snowstorm. I have a whole new corner of my work room open and ready to rearrange – it is pretty intoxicating!

At the same time, I am exploring the idea of moving my work space out of the house and into a more formal studio space. As I talk with other people about their studios, I get a better idea of what I am looking for; space, company, a place to be at work that is not the house, and doesn’t have the same distractions as the home.

As I clarify my hopes, and empty out the current space to make room for more creativity, the possibilities for the future open up in front of me.