quiet house

I feel like I should say right up front that I love my family. I’m pleased to have them in the house, I look forward to vacations when the college girl is home, the high school girl doesn’t have to wake up and Al is off work. We had a virtual cousin for two weeks in early January too, which was also wonderful. It was a happy, noisy, convivial time.

I managed to build this model for the production of Godspell we are doing in mid-March at the high school. But I couldn’t get into my studio.

Godspell model 1

I like an empty house to accomplish things in. Yesterday morning, after most of a month of family and company, there was no one else in my house. I finally sorted and thinned my yarn stash, and I have a box to go to the Montessori School for their knitting projects. I finally emptied the baskets of my stuff that had been cleared from the Living Room to make room for Christmas. I found the floor in the studio, and sorted the threads again. Dogs generally need to turn ’round three times before they can settle to sleep. I clearly need to pace three times ’round my studio before I can settle to work. And I need it quiet and empty to do that.

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