a close up of a 2×4″ section at the north end of the piece – the river is in place, and needs definition

In other news, liquid water yesterday in the afternoon (photographic evidence)

temperatures well below zero Fahrenheits last night, and liquid water again this afternoon. The horses are shedding, the birds are singing, the days are getting longer, and hope is starting to spring again. Or maybe that is just spring, springing again.

Confluence process: beginnings

confluence process 1

This is the very beginning stage for most of my work. I find a lot of colors of fabric that speak to me about the topic or location in mind, and rip pieces of them off; thin pieces, wide pieces, pieces I will cut shorter and those I will leave long. And then, with a base in mind, I stick the pieces down in an order that is not random but is also not regular. My patient husband came to see what I was working on, and even when I pointed out the landmarks, he just shook his head.

What surprises me is that even after I complete the next couple steps, he still doesn’t see it. Not until a piece is finished and on the wall, does he get what I was aiming for.

winter colors

river abstract 7 single band

More winter colors. There are subtleties to New England winter colors beyond black and white, these quiet greens, dark blues, purpley browns, but all with quiet gray undertones. Or overtones.

first finished piece for the new year

river abstract 5 false color

There is a reason why I try not to make resolutions until February – because January always disappears so fast it makes my head spin. Sometimes I am on top of the change, and I can leap into a new year with new projects and new enthusiasm. I think this year my energies were elsewhere. But! I finished a new abstract river, and started the Finished Work 2015 folder, and things are looking up!