reviewing 2012

Goodness! Generally I have reviewed last years work and made plans for the coming year by this time in January. I can only offer in my defense that I was busy coughing. Since I can now type without stopping to cope with excess phlegm, I can write again.

In retrospect 2012 had some major high points.A year of circles, a new relationship with a gallery, summer camp (or art boot camp, depending on how I think of it), and a series of craft fairs meant I learned some new and crucial skills.

finished work, 2012

You've seen the daily circles here, and on flickr. I am proud of working steadily, and keeping myself entertained. I did complete 340 circles, I think, with random days missing due to illness or back issues, or vacations or traveling. One of the best things I did was give them away – it became a challenge on several fronts, to be able to walk around with a box of mysterious, small stitched artworks and ask complete strangers if they would like one. I got better at talking to people about my work. I have more faith in the quality of my work. I practiced every day, so I know I improved a handful of skills that are important to my process. And I made friends. It was all good.

I connected with a gallery in Shelburne Falls, Grow Gallery, and the cheerful and talented owner and chief Lesley Grow. I couldn't ask for a more enthusiastic person representing me! Several small works have sold, and four larger pieces showing four seasons on the pond I love. Some newer pieces are hanging now, and I am working steadily on a series of tobacco barns that will be going there soon.

I spent two weeks on the coast of Maine at Haystack Mountain Craft School. I loved the place and the people, and the food, and the views. I loved my teacher, Marian Bijlenga. I feel like I am still processing things I saw and did there. Apparently I am very slow at processing things!

At the end of the year I had participated in several different craft fairs. I am not sure yet how I feel about the craft fair part of selling my work. It is a very different set of skills than making the work, and requires that I be gregarious, relentlessly cheerful, have legs of steel and feet with no nerve endings what-so-ever, and develop social skills in reading people that I have not much needed before. All of these are useful and necessary skills, mind, and I admire people that have them. Developing them in me is hard.

Lastly, the blog turned 6 years old on January 2. I have written 1220 posts, and you have written back over a thousand comments, questions and compliments. Thank you for participating!

So, over all – a fine year, thank you. I hope yours were all as fine in retrospect, and here's looking forward to 2013.

4 thoughts on “reviewing 2012

  1. I am with you on the craft fairs. I do not enjoy them. They are way too stressful.
    Congratulations on all your hard work and I am so glad you are finally feeling better!


  2. the daily circles was a great project, and i like how you’ve reviewed the year. good on you for trying the craft fair thing, it’s hard. i love the photo above and the december circle photo, too. i hope you’re feeling better…i have the flu and it’s not fun.


  3. You just keep it real, my friend. I’m so glad we reconnected in ’12; I need all the inspiration I can get. Keep on crowing!


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