tobacco barn, snow

tobacco barn, snow


The first finished piece of the year. I was driving around when the weather was soooo cold, because i could turn up the heat in the car and I'd been riding, and I wanted to take pictures of tobacco barns. Sadly, on review, all those barns i thought were so distinctive, aren't. One looks much like another. So my grand plans for barn portraits may have to be modified.

I think part of what pleases me about these barns is the rhythm of the hinged boards on the sides. I'd like to take some pictures from the inside too, looking out through the slats at the changing seasons.

2 thoughts on “tobacco barn, snow

  1. my barn is amazing from the inside out, even as she dies. the piece is good, and i think the interior would be very visually cool. i hope you are well in this crazy weather–


  2. I used to spend years driving around the countryside of upstate NY stopping and drawing the barns. I just love barns. Not sure why. I had a job selling ads for a small upstate newspaper where I had to drive from small town to small town. Of course I did a lot more stopping and drawing then selling!
    I love this piece.


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