December’s daily circles

December daily circles


It felt kind of odd not to have to take a photo and post it here – but it comes as a relief too, to be off the hook for producing something daily.

My first major undertaking for 2013 is to clean, sift, organize and put away the piles and layers of stuff in my studio. I feel bad that it is such an unvisitable space; small, massively disorganized, layered with thoughts and visual reminders, and carpeted with things that don't-quite-fit and I should do something (quite different) with.

Once the decks are cleared and aired out a little, I am looking forward to thinking about a series of larger projects that will take more time to finish.

I think I am making no particular promises, reaching for no particular goals this year. If something occurs to me later, I'll be sure to let you know!

In the meantime, have a lovely, peaceful and useful beginning to your new year.

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