they’ll make a holiday out of anything….

fish fossil


Today, October 17, is National Fossil Day. I give you a fossil fish. It is not recent, but I was very pleased with it when I made it, and the person I gave it to seemed pleased with it.

I'm at that awkward stage that happens with back issues where I can stand up or lie down, but sitting is still problematic. I am also having a minor panic over finishing two large works for delivery to a show and sale on October 29. So I'm working, slowly, but the circles are on hiatus.

2 thoughts on “they’ll make a holiday out of anything….

  1. Oh yes. Sitting. I still have problems with that. Even with the surgery……………I have to keep moving all the time. It gets exhausting.
    Nice fish/ fossil by the way.


  2. Catching up on circles and art, and I love this. Your and our mutual friend are really opening my mind about all the spectacular things you can do with fabric and thread. I love it!


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