raspberries, sort of

oct 3

via www.flickr.com

They're made in Germany, and they are coated with little beads of sugar, and then they are gumdrops inside – I don't know what else to call them. They are not quite gumdrops, they are sort of like nonpareils, and they are raspberry flavored.

I was powerful and invincible today: I removed the light and fan from the bathroom, scrubbed the ceiling, and put three (Three!!) coats of clean white paint on it. My shoulders are sore, and I am unspeakably tired, but I wanted to find a non-ugly, quieter fan to go in that space. So Alice and I went to the big box hardware store and found several only faintly useful people, and a pretty light, and brought them home…

Whereupon I was vanquished by the remains of the light/fan combo. It is stuck in the ceiling, and I can't get it out. So we are kind of stuck at the moment, and I will have some kind of brainstorm tomorrow.