birds on a wire

june 6


I looked up today as I was driving around, and saw a row of little black birds sitting on the phone wires.

It was strange weather: mostly sunny, but dark clouds and spitting rain would roll though briefly, and then the sun would come out again.

My father saw a pile of official doctor people yesterday, and was declared stabilized in the back such that he could ditch the back brace, and requiring little enough of the rehab services that he could go home. He was pretty jolly when I took him out for breakfast this morning. I told Alice I thought he'd take the brace out into the parking lot and set it on fire, but he seemed to prefer the idea of running over it with the car. He's got one or two more days in rehab, but it has more to do with making sure he's got the skills and strength he needs to be at home. That, and filling out paperwork.

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