june has wings

june 1

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Or maybe June is the month with feathers, to misquote the Belle of Amherst. I was wondering this morning what I would choose, because even though I have a list, I also win when I stay open to serendipity.

And then I was mobbed with birds. In a good way. I saw a lovely bi-colored tree swallow coming out of the bakery, and an enormous woodpecker flew across the road in front of the car, and a host of tiny twinkling things flew along beside me through a field in Hadley. So it seemed like birds would be a good subject for the month.

This is a stitched print of a crow feather Alice found for me Thursday night. Another sign!

may 31 and an extra

may 31

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may 31 bonus

I've pulled something small but painful under the edge of my right shoulder blade – probably from something at Family Camp. I was icing it yesterday, and part of this morning. It comes and goes.

After I finished the first circle I realized I knew how I wanted to do it instead (with organza instead of opaque fabric) so I made one more. I think I am kind of behind in the May circle department.

I'll post a June 1 circle later, and a mosaic of all the May circles as well.