june 4

june 5
june 4

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Today I did what I started to do yesterday but didn't because it felt like cheating – I just stitched a real feather to the circle. It is a beautiful feather. I lovelovelove the polka dots on it, and how they remain visible towards the ends of the feather barba.

The little picture is the disaster (a disaster along multiple axes) from yesterday.

In the simple amusements department, I have a new camera. I took my old one to see if they could fix the lens cover not opening. They said they couldn't, and told me things to do, and I realized I really needed a reliable camera. So I started testing the next ones. I turned mine on, to see about a feature it had, and it opened FINE. The sales woman said "bummer, I mean, good? I mean…" and then we both started laughing and laughing. I decided reliable mattered, so Alice has my camera, and I have a lovely new one, and the old one is working just fine now.

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