Bob’s birthday viking horse

Bob’s birthday viking horse
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Bob’s birthday was the day I fell off, and needed another spool of thread and some mobility in my left arm before I could finish it. Since both of those things happened, it is done. This one is much smaller – 5×7″ is a good size for a birthday card, right? And Alice was completely correct that working smaller gave me more freedoms to experiment with colors. I can see another couple coming along, one with the horse GOLD(!).

I continue work on the other, larger, horse pieces, and I have started mapping out a couple more tree pieces.

I am surprised to see that everything so far this year has been much much bigger than previous years. It was kind of comforting to return to this little size for a gift. But I like having the room on the larger pieces, and I really like the impact they have across a room.

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