Lascaux Horse

lascaux pony
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Another in what seems to be a series of horses from other eras. I have always loved the cave paintings of horses, especially ones that have expressions that I see on Ruby, and have seen on previous ponies, routinely. The colors of the Lascaux horse are particularly lovely,a red-brown that has to be related, geologically, to siena or umber.

I wish I could make it more smudgy somehow. The edges
and the mane in particular are lovely and smeary at the edges, which I
did not address properly. But the bouldering (small embroidered circles) on the body is perfect. I
used three layers of painted organza to get lighter colors along the
belly, and that worked pretty well too. The painted background seems
like it would be easier than the patchy backgrounds I've been making
but isn't actually. It took longer to get the colors in places I wanted
than it usually does to get the patches placed and stitched down. Which
surprised me.

Viking Horse

Viking Horse
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I got sick. I’m better now.

I still have a bunch of the art from the February show in the back of my car, but I got it out of the library in reasonable order on the 27th. Al helped. I am sorry the exhibit is done. It was lovely to have the work up, and visible, and have friends and strangers admiring it.

I finished this large horse yesterday. The whole piece is about 18×24″ – bigger than most of the things I have done to date. The size was an issue for some parts, and now I am thinking wistfully about a machine with a much deeper throat. Something more than 6″ would be very nice.