ow ow ow

On Wednesday I had a riding lesson on Kaboose. I fell off her into a fence post, and spent a peaceful afternoon in the emergency room on morphine and waiting to see what happened next. X-rays showed nothing broken, although there is the possibility of some cracks in the ribs. My upper left arm is one giant bruise, and doesn't move so well.

Al points out that riding accidents are like car accidents, ranging from fender-benders to catastrophic. This one was body shop work and the airbag deployed, but everyone was wearing their seatbelts and is fine if rattled. My helmet has a ding, and I get a new one because of it, but I staggered away from the scene, and I'm doing measurably better today. 

I would like to state for the record that X-ray techs are much nicer now than they were in my youth. They didn't tape me to the table, or shift my arm in painful ways and then shout "don't move" at me. That was the biggest surprise of the afternoon.

More ancient horses as I can move my arms to sew.

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