What’s next?

The next pieces I want to work on are horses or dyeing projects. I signed up for Glennis' shibori exploration workshop which looks AmaZing! and that should feed some of the dyeing fever I have at the moment. I have three horse pieces in the works, in various techniques and stages. If the shibori workshop isn't enough I will find the pre-reduced (pre-chewed, pre-digested, pre-mixed… pre-SOMEthing!) indigo kit and work with that for a while.

And once I have those done, I have a handful of the weed pieces I have been thinking about that need finishing. I have Queen Anne's Lace and Dandelions and Brown Eyed Susans all in different stages of completion lying about. They are easier to work on in summer, when the inspirations are right out the door.

5 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Hi Lee! Got your postcard about your Opening and was soooo pleased to see you are still following your passions- artistic, equine and familial! I thought hard about coming down to the Opening and surprising you but have to be here to shuttle boys to their basketball games. Let’s chat sometime- your long lost friend, Dale.


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