Oh Canada!

Tomorrow early I will be packing the car with offspring and friends and hitting the road for Montreal. There will be six of us, three kids, three adults. I have some French from high school and college, and a successful piece of vacation in France in 1985. Cathy has been practicing French with the Pimsleur system, repeating and then singing the little song at the end of each section. Red Kate loved French before she took up German. Aerin is taking French Right This Minute in High School. We should be able to do basic things…. sleep, eat, purchase necessities.

The car has not been so empty or clean inside for years. We will fill it up, and be on our way. I'll report back as circumstances permit. 

If any readers in Montreal want to contact me, use dancingcrowdesigns (AT) gmail (DOT) com and we can get together for coffee!