for future reference

When this show is finished and hung there are some things I want to experiment with, and I thought if I wrote them here, I might remember when I am lying about moaning and sick of myself and wondering what to do next. I don't think they are all on the agenda for February or March, just that I am trying to remember them to choose one (or two) when I am in the doldrums.

  • slow dyeing with rust, mold, other naturally occurring serendipitous things
  • screen printing
  • pick a tradition-not-your-own and explore it ([Asian]Indian is speaking to me) 
  • more painting directly on fabric
  • shibori kinds of resists
  • an indigo pot for ongoing dyeing experiments that will all be !blue!
  • one leaf n ways (a mathematical term, meaning some number, generally greater than one) and how big can I get n anyhow?
  • PAINT!! paint over thread, thread over paint, paint and thread and … markers? ink?
  • horses
  • crows
  • fish
  • tell me more in the comments – annual de-lurking day happened recently and should still be in effect!

I'm sure there will be more, but just looking at this list is energizing.

2 thoughts on “for future reference

  1. That list is energizing. I hope it’s okay if I borrow from it – Indian has been speaking to me as well. In the form of saris and spicy food and bangles. Hmm.


  2. I’m laughing at this because just finishing 2 shows myself, I’ve been creating my own list of things I want to experiment with. It’s funny how having to produce for deadlines gets our thoughts roaming to experimentation!


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