tobacco barns in snow


We live in tobacco country. In fact, I remember a piece on All Things Considered several years ago (probably several decades ago) where someone was saying that Cuba was not actually prime tobacco growing land, the tobacco companies had modified it with chemicals and fertilizer until it most resembled the Connecticut Valley. Tobacco is mostly gone as a crop around here; anti-smoking laws and general opinion have turned against it. Instead we have a mad proliferation of organic farms, working to make healthier use of the amazing fertility of the valley to feed the locals. Which is all to the good. I like seeing rows of potatoes and squash and corn around the feet of these old barns.

It seems churlish to complain about no snow when I know areas all around us have been pasted over the last week or so. We seem to be getting our snow inch by inch, one per storm, if that. I am looking forward to a pile of snow sometime soon, so long as it doesn’t come while I am driving to or from Brattleboro.

Alice is also looking forward to a lot of snow because she she just talked me into a set of cross country skis that fit her properly. They are completely adorable, and she loves them. She was out on them twice (twice!!) yesterday, and again this morning. We also splurged for climbing harnesses for us both, so we could have things that fit and were comfy for climbing. We tried them out before supper, and they are a huge improvement over the rental gear at the gym. Now for shoes, and climbing will be a completely spur of the moment activity. Which will be cool.

I feel like I should rush to say that I don’t climb much. My purpose seems to be to belay offspring and their friends and attempt to avoid a crick in my neck. I would like to climb, and once I get Al and Aerin belay-certified I might have a chance, but Alice lacks mass and age to keep me from plummeting if I fall off the wall.

I am still mourning Bully, I imagine I will be for a while yet. I think I will just let things go for a week, and then maybe think about looking for another horse. I need to take a break and regroup.