cutest ever

Well – this post is coming to you from the cutest machine ever, courtesy of Al who thought Someone in the family needed one, and since Aerin fell hard for a Macbook, he towed me past a handful of them until he found one I didn't hate. To be completely truthful I am almost smitten. I don't generally cope well with new technology. I stared at the Kitchen Aid Mixer balefully for nearly a year, and didn't touch it until the handheld mixer emitted a high thin and a whisp of smoke and died. But here I am addressing you from a machine that looks a lot like this, pretty keyboard and elegant screen and all. I insisted on one that is pretty and this completely fills the bill. It is adorable. Of course, Al had a minor fit when he tried to pronounce Toord Boontje (you can hardly blame him) but it is pretty much all good, at the moment.

The theory is that a tiny portable machine will allow me to do some computing in Brattleboro while waiting for circus things to finish, and you might get more reliable posting to the blog. As we all know the giant gap between theory and practice, we'll see how that actually plays out.

I have to go play more. This is fun!

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