new wallet

So, to replace the wallet the raccoons stole from the car, I have This Fabulous Thing!! It is Really Really ORANGE.

I have to admit I was torn between this one and the pink one, but I was sucked in by the orange. I was hoping for a kind of Christo orange, and this is much more international orange, or highway cone orange, but it works really well. The velcro is solid, the folds are good, there is room for lots more $$ than I actually have in the $$ compartment, and all the cards I need fit into the various slots. I can even fit the tiny booklet I made to keep track of my finances. And Al gave me a new pen to keep in it, to replace the ones the raccoons have. The coffee shop replaced my card with 10 coffees on it. Life is looking up again in the wallet department.

If you click on the second Christo link, it takes you to Christo and Jeanne-Claude's site, and you can see that the curtain was designed by Mitko Zagoroff and John Thomson. That is my dad. John, not Mitko. I remember them putting a model of the valley in a wind tunnel and making different curtains and testing various anchor points. I saw it unfurl in Colorado. That was pretty cool.

Anyhow – new wallet, working well.

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