bully trot grin

bully trot grin
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This is the horse I am leasing for the year. His name is Bully, which is short for Bullwinkle, but everyone who sees him calls him Wooly Bully. He is not at all wooly. He is an aged (23 years old!) Thoroughbred, with a lot of education. In a very sweet twist of fate, he was delivered to his new barn today, which is also my 49th birthday.

So I am square, and in charge of a horse for a year, and completely delighted with things.

Thank you very much.

You could be excused for thinking I don't do anything.

You could be excused (also) for thinking the reverse; that life is too busy to have time to sit down and say anything reasonable.

You might actually be correct on both counts.

I haven't made anything worth posting a picture, although when I finish the amazing nephew's cod fish I will show you. And I have been taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather we have had and riding one or two horses a day for the last several weeks.

Once the weather closes down I'll be back. I am sure of it.