flock of cranes

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Kind of.

I think it is odd that one of the most compelling things I saw on Thursday was this collection of five cranes working on something near the Allston/Brighton tolls off the Mass Pike. I like the way they stick up.

The circus was pretty nice this year. I particularly liked the woman in the tightrope. She used it as a wire, a high bar, a guitar string, a trapeze bar… it was very different from any wire act I've seen before. The horses were all about trick riding, which was nice but not enough horses. The dogs were having a great time, as was the trainer. I have trouble with flying trapeze because all the tricks look the same to me, and taking lessons with aerialists means that I see a LOT of creativity around various aerial apparatusesses (how DO you pluralize that?) so I am a tough customer for aerial wowing.

We hit the Boston Museum of Science after the show, and toured the frogs. Aerin swore we'd seen it last year, but I think last year was other reptiles (like geckos, I remember the gecko feet). I like the frogs that are kind of squishy and shiny, and fold up into smooth packages. Like this.

I have been doing a small amount of vacationing, and a good deal of knitting. I cast on some socks for my mother (Hi Mom!) which have a very subtle rib and are looking quite lovely so far.

Tomorrow the kids' vacation ends, and we return to the daily grind. I expect I'll have more fiber things to show then.

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