two not fifty

April 14
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I made a little proof of concept piece to see if the strings would work, and the silk rings would fit around the little white shells, and how the beads work with the punched out holes and the other bits… I like the way it is working, but honestly the construction to make the frame for it was pretty intense.

The plan is fifty shells, ten each on 5 strings, and suspended in a frame of some kind. I am thinking the frame might have to be wood instead of interfacing, because I don’t think the interfacing will hold up the weight of many many more shells. I still have to finish all the silk rings. Only about 20 left to go, out of a hundred total. Yikes! I realize too that part of the trouble with these ideas of collections is that they take longer to put together than the smaller pieces. This one isn’t much of a collection, but it does help me think about the larger piece in a much better way.

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