Feb 22 blocks to date

Feb 22 blocks to date
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I am so thrown off with blocks and illness and doubling up and missing days…

I gave up and pulled all the done ones from the little box and set them out on the floor to see where I was. I realized I have cleverly left all the hardest squares in the middle for the last, so I will have my work cut out for me making the legs and bodies match up. Plus I have lost one key piece in the middle – the rest of the blue horse’s head. I suppose if I leave it unitl last I can fill in the pieces fairly readily.

I am distressed at the quality of neck on the orange and green horses. That is verra bad conformation and it feels like I should try to fix it once the pieces are together. The blue horse’s head needs fixing. The red horse is still the best thing in the piece, but that is before he is connected to himself and the rest of the herd.

If you click through to the picture there are notes on it. You can leave notes too, if you’d like!

Feb 19

Feb 19
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I’ll leave the date, because I did finish it yesterday, and I’ve finally slept almost enough that I don’t think I’ll delete the blog by mistake if I do something to it.

Poor Alice was at a not-sleep-over last night, she came home cheerful enough and promptly fell asleep in the chair in the kitchen. I took her upstairs to bed, and when she came down later to use the bathroom she fell asleep sitting there. I moved her to the couch, where even dropping mac and cheese into her ear didn’t wake her up. The dropping was entirely unintentional, truly, but she did ask for some lunch in the two minutes she spent awake. I’m torn between letting her sleep, and trying to get her to wake up for a little, so she can go to bed at a reasonable hour. Actually, since I can’t seem to wake her up at the moment, she only makes small pathetic annoyed noises, I guess it is moot.


vacation week + illness

lesson 4
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I am sick. I have a code in by dose. (say it – it makes more sense aloud)

This is a picture from my riding lesson which happened about two hours before I came down with the scrunge, on Tuesday. Is that not the most adorable tank of a pony you ever saw?

I did a whole lot of nothing yesterday. Today I might do a little less nothing, and a little more something, but I don't know what.

The kids are being verra patient with me.

I think I'll go nap.

Feb 15 B

Feb 15 B
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What a weekend! And it isn't done yet…

Aerin and I spent most of yesterday helping at The Love Show, an exploration of relationships silly and serious, at the Arts Center in the top of the old school. New England Center for Circus Arts  brought down their travelling rig and set up fabric and trapeze and straps and things to work with. Aerial work, combined with inspired partner acro, some elegant things (and one extremely foolish thing) with Bright Red folding chairs and a great deal of award winning juggling made for an enjoyable show. We helped both afternoon and evening, which made it long day.

This is one of four blocks I posted today, but you can follow the link if you'd like to see the rest of them. They are all edges – some feet, the back of a neck; nothing terribly exciting. I got two mostly done before yesterday, then finished them and worked on two more this afternoon.

We are getting organized to go see Coraline, because it looks gorgeous.

Happy heart day

I have no fabric to show you. I had a completely luxurious day off, I wore the blue socks I finished yesterday (photo to follow) and Al and I celebrated 28 years of Valentine's day balloons, and 23 years since we decided to get married. On Valentine's day. Yay us.

Feb 12

Feb 12
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So I lost yesterday to the flat tire and subsequent repair that always take far too long and usually requires fixing something else. It threw me off for the rest of the day. I did manage to ride – I took the big red mare out into the woods and crashed through the snow uphill and down. And Al and I made it Meet the Teachers night at the High School. We timed it perfectly. We missed all the blah,blah,blah in the auditorium and reached all the teachers with a tiny amount of time to spare. There are some pretty strong teachers this semester. And a lot of work.

Things are starting to melt. We have a puddle that is half the block long, and could float our canoe, and has white-caps on it when the wind blows hard, like today.

As for the square, I am running out of things to say about them. The color may be odd, because the cathode ray tubes are dying slowly on the computer I do most of my photo processing on. Everything is pink. It is not as distressing as I expected, except when I am trying to get the color balance reasonable (!).