Feb 15 B

Feb 15 B
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

What a weekend! And it isn't done yet…

Aerin and I spent most of yesterday helping at The Love Show, an exploration of relationships silly and serious, at the Arts Center in the top of the old school. New England Center for Circus Arts  brought down their travelling rig and set up fabric and trapeze and straps and things to work with. Aerial work, combined with inspired partner acro, some elegant things (and one extremely foolish thing) with Bright Red folding chairs and a great deal of award winning juggling made for an enjoyable show. We helped both afternoon and evening, which made it long day.

This is one of four blocks I posted today, but you can follow the link if you'd like to see the rest of them. They are all edges – some feet, the back of a neck; nothing terribly exciting. I got two mostly done before yesterday, then finished them and worked on two more this afternoon.

We are getting organized to go see Coraline, because it looks gorgeous.

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