Feb 22 blocks to date

Feb 22 blocks to date
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I am so thrown off with blocks and illness and doubling up and missing days…

I gave up and pulled all the done ones from the little box and set them out on the floor to see where I was. I realized I have cleverly left all the hardest squares in the middle for the last, so I will have my work cut out for me making the legs and bodies match up. Plus I have lost one key piece in the middle – the rest of the blue horse’s head. I suppose if I leave it unitl last I can fill in the pieces fairly readily.

I am distressed at the quality of neck on the orange and green horses. That is verra bad conformation and it feels like I should try to fix it once the pieces are together. The blue horse’s head needs fixing. The red horse is still the best thing in the piece, but that is before he is connected to himself and the rest of the herd.

If you click through to the picture there are notes on it. You can leave notes too, if you’d like!

One thought on “Feb 22 blocks to date

  1. Horses are so tricky to catch! I think yours are coming together very well – especially considering that this is an experimental project.
    Being sick has been getting me down, too. It has been a particularly difficult winter. Spring is coming! Hang in there and have fun with the difficult pieces!


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