Feb 19

Feb 19
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I’ll leave the date, because I did finish it yesterday, and I’ve finally slept almost enough that I don’t think I’ll delete the blog by mistake if I do something to it.

Poor Alice was at a not-sleep-over last night, she came home cheerful enough and promptly fell asleep in the chair in the kitchen. I took her upstairs to bed, and when she came down later to use the bathroom she fell asleep sitting there. I moved her to the couch, where even dropping mac and cheese into her ear didn’t wake her up. The dropping was entirely unintentional, truly, but she did ask for some lunch in the two minutes she spent awake. I’m torn between letting her sleep, and trying to get her to wake up for a little, so she can go to bed at a reasonable hour. Actually, since I can’t seem to wake her up at the moment, she only makes small pathetic annoyed noises, I guess it is moot.


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