penny, ruby, boo

penny, ruby, boo
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Horses I ride: Penny on the left, the tiny Belinda is hiding behind her shoulder (I don’t ride her, but sometimes Alice does) Ruby with her nose in the hay, and Kaboose, who is Penny’s mom. Check out the dapples on Kaboose. They are starting to get fuzzy for the winter. Their winter coats are good for northern Quebec, when they come in all the way. Pelham is a cakewalk, winter-weatherly speaking.

One thought on “penny, ruby, boo

  1. Holy crow! Kaboose looks like a huuuuge horse!
    I thought of you the other day: I was driving down by Smith vocational school and there were four horses in the field. One of them was happily cantering around the field. It was beautiful. 🙂


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