cut everything

cut everything
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Still sorting and filing.

I finally cleared off the top of the chest, and found many treasures. Part way through I realized I had a huge collection of cutting tools. They made a nice pattern, and nice shadows.

I have a lot of x-acto knives. The scissors with black are only for cloth. Two pairs of pinking shears is two more than I ever use, but one is from my grandmother’s sewing collection and it makes me think of her. I have more rotary cutters downstairs so I can cut at a comfortable height on the counter. The knife at the top is from when my family spent 6 months running a charter boat in the West Indies in 1968-69. I was awarded a knife for seamanship, and because my brother got a bigger one for his birthday and every sailor needs a knife. I still love it, and it is still sharp. Although I haven’t cut open many coconuts lately…

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