distance, not speed

I have always joked that I'm built for comfort not speed. The bikes I ride, the boats I prefer, the horses I like best, all better over the long haul than the short sprint. Imagine my pleasure at discovering that I have precedent in the art world: this article by Malcolm Gladwell points out what I knew in a dim kind of fashion, but maybe hadn't quite been able to articulate.

To wit – Some start fast, some start slow. Lack of skill at the beginning does not preclude acquiring the skill through practice. It takes patience on the part of the practitioner, and a good deal more patience on the part of her supporters, and frequently a steady allowance or other form of patronage. I have to say I am delighted to read this. I always swore I wouldn't be the person who peaked in high school, and I was frankly aiming for improvement every year. This says I have a shot at that – it isn't posturing on my part.

Go, read. Be encouraged.

3 thoughts on “distance, not speed

  1. I read the article too and was encouraged mightily by it! I’ve always said I’m a late bloomer and hope to keep blooming very late indeed….this article is very hopeful for that dream coming through!


  2. Interesting article, but it’s all about men!!! Maybe someone should look at the same research topic in relation to women, how many women with/without families get the time and support to make their art/craft.


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