circus thoughts

Well, that was …. uninspiring. Surprisingly so. We went to see
Ringling Bro.s & Barnun & Bailey Greatest Show On Earth at the
Boston Garden (I don't care who paid for it is remains the Garden, only
slightly removed from the manky glory I remember from my youth) and,
wow. Not much there there.

Aerin said it best, when she
pointed out that they clearly have pots of money and spend it freely,
but make inadequate use of the extensive talents of the people they
have hired. Every act stopped before it got interesting. No individual
was allowed complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty. The simple fact that
there was always one more thing to look at than I had attention to
apply meant that I felt I might be missing something, yet once I turned
my eyes to a new point, there was still nothing much going on. The
aerial stuff could be accomplished by anyone at Circus Smirkus (plus
they didn't let the girls do anything interesting on trapeze –
something I pay attention to.) There were too many clowns and no one
got any personality except Bello and I was pretty darn sick of him by
the end. Plus it was painfully loud. Really, really, really loud.

Having complained at length, there were some things I
liked a lot. I liked that there were a lot of animals. I liked the
horses (although the above applies here as well – they had some ponies
in the opening parade we never saw again, and two Freisians who were
gorgeous and should have had a bigger part in something, anything….)
There were liberty zebras who did a little act. They were not as
comfortable as the horses, but seemed in good spirits (the last one was
bucking at the whip, which made me laugh each time). I loved that the
dogs looked like they were in some kind of dog heaven – their tails
were going, their eyes were bright, they were having a great time. For
all that there were protesters outside complaining about the elephants,
they didn't look unhappy. They looked like it was work, but not bad
work, simply something that was not recess. I felt worse for the big
cats – mostly tigers I think – who seemed really out of place. I think,
in retrospect, they were encouraged to look fierce, but they looked mad
and miserable to me. Not abused. Not starved. Just in the wrong place.

were told to see the circus by our teachers, to see where we fit in the
circus continuum (to be fair, it was aimed at the pro track kids, and
Aerin's class of advanced teens, not the fat and lumpy middle-aged  performer wanna-be that I am). I can see now why Cirque was so
astonishing when it appeared for the first time almost 20 years ago –
it is a really different aesthetic.

It is only a little sobering to realize that I am a circus snob.

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