Means of support

While April 1st seems like an inauspicious day to begin a new venture, I have done exactly that and started a Patreon. For those new to the concept, it is a modern, distributed, digital way to develop my own  deMedicis – only instead of one family of insane and absurdly wealthy people to support my endeavors, I am counting on people who read this blog or otherwise like my work and want more of it to chip in a small amount of money every month.

Asking for money for work is hard and slightly embarrassing, but I need some additional support to continue to make the work that is important to me, and I hope, interesting to you.

So look at my Patreon page, and see if you might like a newsletter and access to monthly digital imagery you can use for wallpaper on your phone, for the low low price of a dollar ($1) per month. Or a monthly postcard, featuring new work and a message. Or even a tiny artwork every other month –

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