Take to the sea

Over the weekend I took myself off to Annapolis to partake in Okoume Festival 2017 at Chesapeake Light Craft World Headquarters.

I have been thinking about building a boat forever, basically, but I have doubts. I joked that if I could sew a boat, I’d start in a heartbeat… and I discovered that is a possibility! Stitch and glue kits for boats are made by several companies, and CLC had exactly what I wanted – easy to build, car-top or trailerable, rowing and sailing, holds four or five – all the things I required. Because I wanted to touch one before embarking on such a big project (I normally work on pieces 12″ square on the outside!) Alice and I went to look at boats.

We had a great weekend: Friday was driving and lunch and admiring the vessels on saw horses and trailers on land. Saturday was on the beach where all the examples of kyaks, dinghies, dorys, ocean rowing shells, prams and etc. were present and usable. Alice and I sailed and rowed and compared notes, and we think we have the  next project. Meet CLC Skerry, kit bought, to ship May 30, plus or minus.

I’ll keep you posted how things go. It will make for breaks between doses of artwork!


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