indigo and rust

redox 2

oxidation reaction 2
center section indigo and rust dyed
ripped and stitched borders
stretched and framed
for sale: $85

I finished this one on Friday, and took a photo, and promptly lost the photo, lost the camera and lost the plot. So I’m back today with a little less entropy, and posting this new small piece, second in the oxidation series.

I am also working on a set of larger pieces – quite tall and thin. Everyone knows about the golden ratio, and the spiral that goes with it. It turns out there is also a silver ratio and a bronze ratio, described in several different ways in this wikipedia article. I had heard (endlessly) about the golden ratio and how it it is used in architecture and found in nature and every other thing, and when I looked it up I read that there are these other ratios as well. So I started sketching things using different proportions, and I like that long stretchy feel I have using them.

I am having trouble getting a decent photo of the long thing pieces, with wind and rain and general meteorology happening in our area, but once I can take it outside without it flying away like a kite, I’ll show you.