Thank you for your patience

Many things changed for me over the summer. Big things, but good things. One daughter graduated from college with a degree in math. One daughter graduated from high school with her sanity intact. The math daughter found work in Boston working with giant piles of data, which is making her cheerful and earning her the beginnings of a living. The still sane daughter started at the university in September, majoring in Geology like her mother, her maternal grandmother, and following her great grandmother’s interests. (She jokes about being maternally doomed in the major department.)

My sainted mother chose to sell her house and move to assisted living of her own volition, and under her own power. That took more months than either of us expected, but she seems to be settling in with a whole new view. I made some paintings of her old view before she left, because it was gorgeous, and changeable, and vital.

The house feels both oddly empty and randomly full of people, as daughters return between semesters or on weekends or holidays. I find I have to count in my head, how many people slept here last night, and think about breakfast.

All of my sewing work was on hiatus over the summer, and seems to still be on hiatus now. I have been flailing with new techniques, to see what speaks to me, but even with fabulous teachers and interesting work, I think I am still drawn most strongly to fiber, fabric and stitch.

Next year, 2017, marks a decade since I started the Postcard a Day project, and five years since the daily circle project. I think it is time to undertake a new daily project, but it is not yet clear to me what – your suggestions are welcome!

One thought on “Thank you for your patience

  1. lots of change, but interesting change, and that thread of geologists is pretty interesting to me. here, the thread seems to be fiber. i love your mom’s courage and mindfulness. if my vote counts, maybe some lee time?


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