copper river

Copper River 12″ wide x 27″ high, burlap from coffee sacks, collected purple fabrics, cotton and metallic threads, linen twine, copper washers. 2016.

I feel like I have been looking for tiny copper washers since before Christmas. Al kindly provided me with several boxes of large washers with different finishes, but I had my mind set on copper, and small, and I started looking online. They were not readily visible online unless I was willing to order them made to my specifications, with a minimum order of a couple thousand. Since that seemed excessive I let the whole process lie for a while, until I asked someone in aggravation and they recommended I look in the local hardware store because that kind on thing is basic. And sure enough, it is. So I have cleaned the local hardware store out of small washers in the three smallest sizes, and I shall go around to the less local hardware stores soon, because I am not done with this!

Shorter Blog: Copper washers are at your local hardware store. They are more expensive than other washers because copper is expensive these days. Copper paint does not work.

I am waiting to hear back from three different exhibits with all of my current work allocated to one or another. If I want to enter anything else I have to make something new.


The trick with a website and a blog is keeping the website up to date!

The blog updates when I have new work to post or something to say or something interesting to demonstrate, but the Welcome page and the galleries can get stale and old without a little attention on a regular basis. I added the new abstract rivers to the galleries, and changed up the images on the Welcome page. Let me know if you miss a favorite and I’ll put it back.