Shell River – whole and detail:

Sunday afternoon Red Kate brought her lovely camera and useful but wimpy tripod (with a crank! so steam-punk!) and she took photographs of the river series on white backgrounds. I needed different a background to enter a different competition. The multiplicity of requirements for submitting work is exhausting. On the plus side, I have lovely pictures of my most recent work.

I just finished Black Stone River, but haven’t gotten photos of the whole of it yet:

That is linen background and coffee sack (from Esselon, one of my favorite places on earth) with smooth black stone beads stitched down on it. I got the beads because they made me think of the beach full of smooth black stones on Hurricane Island off the coast of Maine. We stopped during a sailing trip when I was a teenager, and I still have a handful of Hurricane Island stones that I picked up off that beach.

Alice is on a school trip to Rome and Athens, including a fair number of ruins, some Latin to translate and at least four ferries. She included this her most recent email “Far and away, most of the things I have acquired this vacation have been pebbles.” Which means it is apparently hereditary. My mother does this, and grandmother did as well.

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