ten! ten happy leetle leaves!

ten maple leaves c2010

The above piece (imaginatively titled Ten Maple Leaves) is one I finished in … 2010? maybe? I was clearing out behind the cabinet where I stuff things that are in time out, or are done and I have no idea what to do with them. I was keeping Margaret company who was visiting from Scotland, and making a thing. I still like it. It made me think about other leaves I meant to address in a similar way.

So I gathered up handfuls of leaves over the last week, and scanned them onto silk fabric. The first one I finished today is Ten Cottonwood Leaves. I am delighted with the blocks of fabric contrasted with the thin strips, and the way the leaves shine. I picked these up from around the front porch of a restaurant I am temporarily obsessed with (they make crepes, and also have the tastiest and most mysterious salad dressing ever). I thought they were birch leaves, but the trunk of the tree, going right up through the roof of the porch, is not at all a birch trunk.

ten birch leaves