marsh from the back of Crane’s

back marsh, Crane Estate

I finished this piece today. My mother loves salt marshes, and she gave me the vocabulary to describe them in ways that makes me love them too. This is the second marsh piece going to Crane’s for the Trustees of Reservations show and sale there in early November. Now I have a handful of sky and water pieces rattling about in my head to finish, and then I can turn back to more local landscapes.


Jenny's Marsh, in situ

Jenny’s Marshes delivered and hung up in the living room, out of the sun. Accomplished on Saturday. She looks pleased:
Jenny herself, with her marsh


river of gold

gold rectangle river on turquoise

A classic example of work on one thing blossoming into something else again.

Having made a series of rivers of circles, I wanted to explore what happened with rivers of blocks.

I have been haunted by a song, Stay Gold, from a group called First Aid Kit. To me, the song is the flip side of Robert Frost’s poem Only Gold can Stay. The poem talks about the first green of spring, and the song mourns the end of golden summer. Together they bracket the summer, speaking of the long soft golden stretch between spring and fall.


signed, sealed, not delivered

signed, sealed

The bottom of all three pieces of triptych – numbering on the left, initials and date on the right, and my full signature and the year on the right most corner of the right-hand piece.

Because this is a commission, the person who commissioned it gets to see the it all together first. Once I have delivered it, I’ll ask if I can photograph it in the new space.

in pieces, finally

pieces of marsh

I finished the long horizontal lines of island, marsh, water and sky, and finally cut the large piece into the three triptych pieces. Now I have to add some foreground rocks in the river. There is a 50% chance of seagull, but I am not feeling birdlike at the moment.

Once the pieces are finished, it is down to trimming and binding, then stretching and framing. And then, THEN I deliver the artwork to Jenny who has been so patient.


moon bay

I always seem to have a hard time getting back to work. I know the way I do it best is to stand in my studio and turn in slow circles until I see something I can completely understand how to finish. Today I knew exactly what to do for this little moonlit night, so I finished it, and trimmed it and finished the edges and got it framed even.

Then I did the same for another piece that had been languishing, waiting for stretcher bars the right length. And now I have two finished pieces for the Crane Estate Art Show and Sale, and I feel relieved to have crossed two out of five things off that list.

Tomorrow, I make a design for a mug, and see if they like this one better!


Last day of vacation, first day of school

selfie off MananaIt has been a full couple of weeks.

We went to see my brother. He lives on an island. My mother came out too. I always call these gatherings the world’s smallest family reunion.

The selfie is me rowing in the Atlantic, one of my most favorite things ever. The group photo is my mother, her two children, plus their spouses and offspring (all my mom’s grandchildren in one place!) plus other important people who come along with us. We seem to be able to take one family photo on the dock before we all vanish to the various compass points of our existence. I have a couple more pictures taken on this very dock (someone else was occupying our usual rocks) spanning a decade.

While I was on the island, I spent some serious time experimenting with acrylic paint. I will post pictures of those when I can. I was reminded how intense learning can be, mostly by the off-kilter feeling I had about my ability to depict what I wanted to.

last first day of high school

Alice is a senior. To her deep disgust, school started for her this week, while Aerin has until Sunday to revel in the tail end of summer.

Aerin’s back to school pictures are generally packed cars now, headed out to college, although this is her senior year as well.