turquoise manifold circle river turquoise circle river, laced

number of entries completed today: 2
number of entries with today for a deadline: 0
width of both pieces, in inches: 20
assumed length of both pieces, in inches: 60
actual length of manifold circles piece, in inches: 48
unnecessary time spent by photographer because I failed to remember the actual size of the manifold circles piece: 45 minutes
efforts to rename each piece: 23 and 21
satisfaction with names of each piece: I have no number for “eh”
size of both pieces, in multiples of how large I “normally” work: 10
time spent cleaning the surfaces before they were photographed: 45 minutes
time spent cleaning surfaces after they were photographed: another 45 minutes
reliance on photographer for photoshopping out weird tendrils: 100%
relief at being done: 100%
belief these will sell, anywhere: 5%
pleasure in the objects themselves: 110%

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