secrets, disasters, obsessions

Secrets: I finished a piece, but I cannot show it to you, because it is a present. A wedding present. Once I’ve given it to the recipients, I will show you all. I am very pleased with it.

Disasters: My beloved sewing machine has stopped working. It makes strange buzzing noises, and hiccups and burps. And then it blinks and burps and the needle rattles. I am having a very bad feeling about this. I have a spare machine, and a promise of another spare machine, so I will be able to continue. But I am worried that just thinking about a new machine, a large quilting machine, has made the current machine jealous, and it is having a tantrum.

Obsessions: I read the call for entries for a particular show, and realized my work was solidly in their purview, but. BUT! There is a minimum size which is roughly 4 times the size I usually work. So I have an idea for a larger work, and I have, so far, two different attempts to translate what is in my head into fabric. There is a particular shade of turquoise that haunts me, and I have to incorporate it somehow.

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