working big

huge brown piece in pieces

Well that’s finished, but not readily visible. The finished piece is 20×60″ – in four sections 20×15″ each, laced together. The background is strips of brown fabric stitched over in cobbled circles. A sinuous river of turquoise circles, embellished with perle cotton winds from top to bottom.

The problem with working large is that I cannot photograph it and do it justice. I have to bundle this off to an actual photographer, with tools for coping with big things. So I present a couple of detail shots, courtesy of my phone (which I think has more megapixels than my actual camera at this point).

The working title is “Yooge brown thing in pieces with turquoise circles” which means it will get renamed before I enter it into anything. Although I rather like Yooge – I might try to leave that in.