sturm und drang


Something about the valley we live in seems to keep snow out of it. We’ve more-or-less dodged a blizzard: there is snow to the east of us, snow to the west of us, more forecast in all directions, and we’re done. We even have sunshine, intermittently.

This is Main Street, looking towards our delightfully absurd Town Hall, with turrets. No one was driving except people with plows. The walking was nice. I hope the coast is not getting hammered too hard – it makes me feel obscurely guilty for wishing a little more of their snow had hit us!

2 thoughts on “sturm und drang

  1. Hi Lee, I don’t know why, but I seem to have “lost” you from my blog-rol …. I missed so
    many posts ……. Had a lot to catch up 😉 (always a pleasure !)

    Here no snow either, but lots of rain and wind (but I’ve seen already some snowbells and some winteraconites !!!) Winters are always rather mild over here …

    Warm greetings, Els


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