so behind


I am so far behind if I slow down just a little, I might see the back of myself running away.

Or something like that.

I have not forgotten that I have a blog, nor that some people like reading it (thank you, lovely people!) I just completely ran out of steam over the last month. I did spend a lot of time at the high school, and I have learned a good deal more about the lights and sound in the auditorium, but it makes for precious little artwork to show, when I don't get home until after my bedtime!

Some of this slower time is going towards thinking about new projects. Timna and I are thinking about a group show in Northampton, I am thinking about what skills I want to improve, and how to go about doing that. I'd like this summer to be the one with an artist residency in it, when I go somewhere and just make things, and possibly feed myself, in some gorgeous surroundings. That takes applying for, but I can do that. This might be another year where I take a run at a daily project. I tried to do that last year, but didn't like my selected project enough to keep going.

So I am still here, still making, learning, going out into the world. Just not talking about it so much!

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