valley, july 1

Timna Tarr invited me to participate in an exhibit she is curating at a gallery in Holyoke. The exhibit is "Texture and Substance: Contemporary Fiber Art" at Paper City Studios, 80 Race St, Holyoke. (I'll probably say that a couple more times before it happens!)

I wanted to experiment with a larger size, and a more abstract feel. While I started with a fairly detailed aerial photo, I realized the detail and the idea of precision was making me nervous and unhappy. So I'm headed towards abstraction, give or take.

This is the base layer of fabrics. The piece gets some stitching now, to make sure everything stays in place. Detail is added with cut fabric pieces and more stitching.

4 thoughts on “beginnings

  1. Things always turn out TOO realistic … even when I don’t want to …
    I envie those who have their own (often just simple) “handwriting”


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