continuing on

The clearing out continues apace!

I had two large halted-projects bins – those have been consolidated to one, and a lot of projects recycled. I've finished with the bin of batiks. Some extremely ugly ones are gone, and the rest are sorted by color and filed into two bins. (I decided if they were that important to me, I should give them a larger space allotment.) That is the end of the fabric bins.

I'm facing the cabinet of catastrophe and chaos next. It contains some paint (more paint is in the kitchen where I actually use it, but it takes up space the cereal used to have, until I realized we don't actually eat cereal here) and the buttons, and the beads, and all the rubber stamps including the ones from my youth, and a lot of random things.

Many things are easy to decide about, but I have a little doll suitcase with a doll and all her clothes inside it – the weird thing is that she doesn't mean much to me now, but she did? I think? I dimly remember playing with her, but not to the extent that I remember playing with the small bears I installed in the dollhouse my dad and I made. Or the model horses I was obsessed with from third grade on.

On the whole the clear out feels lovely – there is space to breathe, and fewer unfinished things are glaring at me when I walk in. It opens up mental and physical space for new ideas to bloom.

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